JUVE Patent

Harmsen Utescher – Germany 2015

JUVE Comment

This firm, which is respected for patent litigation, is an established player in the Hamburg market. Königer and his small team continuously succeed in advising the IP boutique’s existing clients on patents as well. However, HU does not make use of synergies in litigation and filing work, as the lawyers and patent attorneys scarcely interweave their clients within the firm. The lawyers are, however, often called in by external patent attorneys for litigation, where they mainly represent defendants from various sectors, such as healthcare or food, nationwide.



Recommended individuals

Rainer Kaase, Dr. Karsten Königer.


3 lawyers, 2 patent attorneys


Very broad activity in IP and related practice areas, such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare and food law. Strong practice for trademarks and unfair competition. In patents, litigation and advice to an equal extent. Patent filing mainly for existing clients.


Neuraxpharm regarding rivastigmine patch. Public knowledge: filing for Jack Wolfskin and Bode Chemicals, patent litigation for Lidl, Iglo regarding lottery codes.