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Epping Hermann Fischer – Germany 2015


JUVE Comment

This Munich firm, which is respected for patents, is one of Germany’s strongest patent filers. Because of the exceptionally large number of German and European patents filed and the sheer number of fee earners – which was added to by two patent attorneys – EHF is most visible in electronics and IT patents, where it often represents international clients. The most notable names include Fujitsu, Huawei and a number of former Siemens subsidiaries. The firm only occasionally litigates for its regular clients.


Prosecution involving semiconductor, IT and optoelectronics patents.

Recommended individuals

Frank Heidrich, Richard Schachtner.


38 patent attorneys, 1 lawyer


IP with strong expertise in technical protection rights. Patent prosecution with four specialties: physics, IT/telecoms, mechanics/engineering (incl. medical technology and automotive electronics) and chemicals/pharmaceuticals/biotech.


Public knowledge: filing for Ams, Fujitsu, Huawei, Osram, TDK.


Munich, Regensburg