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Armengaud & Guerlain – France 2021

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This national IP boutique is well-positioned in patent litigation, with an international client base. Renowned companies from a range of technical fields, such as Merck Millipore from the life sciences sector or Wiko from telecommunications, have banked on the team around Catherine Mateu and Stéphane Guerlain for years. It is not unusual to see the IP boutique in cross-border proceedings. It litigated for Estar Medical against Regeneron – proceedings were also conducted in the UK and USA at the same time.

Armengaud & Guerlain’s client list also contains numerous SMEs from the computer sciences, defence, electronics, agriculture or energy sectors. Mateu was recently seen on the side of Quadlogic in a complex dispute with numerous co-defendants against French energy provider Enedis over smart electronic meters. Beyond its strong litigation work, Armengaud & Guerlain is seeing a rise in advice on employee invention rights, as well as on licence and R&D agreements.


Patent litigation, especially in the telecommunications sector.

European strategy

Armengaud & Guerlain is not a member of any network but nurtures informal contacts with several IP firms from key European patent jurisdictions, such as Germany, Italy and Spain, as well as with Chinese and US firms. These frequently give rise to referrals: the high-profile work for Quadlogic stemmed from a US partner firm. However, Armengaud & Guerlain competes with other traditional French outfits for the small pool of potential cooperation partners in other countries.

Recommended individuals

Catherine Mateu, Stéphane Guerlain


2 partners, 2 associates


Exclusively litigation and advice in IP with a strong focus on patents.


Litigation: Quadlogic (claimant) against Enedis over smart electric meters; Merck Millipore and Merck Biodevelopment (defendants) against Sartorius over bioreactors; Estar Medical against Regenlab over platelet rich plasma; Telecom Design against former employee over employee invention rights after transfer of company assets to another company. Frequent advice to Wiko.