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Schönherr – Austria 2019

JUVE Comment

A leading IP practice in both trademarks and unfair competition. In patent law it is close on the heels of market leaders Gassauer-Fleissner, Witschek Plasser and Schwarz Schönherr. Like most of its Austrian rivals, patent law and know-how protection play a smaller role at Schönherr than soft IP. Nevertheless, the team enjoys a good reputation across Europe for its litigation in technical protection rights. It is one of the first ports of call for international companies seeking representation before the Austrian patent courts. This is primarily Michael Woller, who was appointed salary partner in 2018. The team now has a healthy age structure. The firm increasingly advised on know-how protection on the interface between soft IP and patent law.


Outstanding expertise in trademarks, unfair competition and copyrights, academic expertise.

Recommended individuals

Guido Kucsko, Michael Woller (“excellent patent lawyer”, competitor)


1 equity partner, 2 salary partners, 1 associate, 4 trainee lawyers


Trademarks, design law, fair practices and copyright on the one hand, patent law (infringement suits) and employee invention law on the other hand. Project-related involvement in the firm’s →M&A and →banking practices. Focus on the healthcare, pharma (exclusively originators), food, consumer goods, banking and insurance sectors, incl. Austrian and foreign clients.


Litigation for financial institution over patent infringement in online banking.