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For more than 70 years rospatt osten pross is a specialist in patent litigation. The firm’s offices are located in Düsseldorf and Mannheim, the two leading venues for patent litigation in Europe which will each also host a local division of the Unified Patent Court (UPC). The firm also operates in all of Germany (including Munich and Hamburg, the two other cities that will host a local division of the UPC) and also sides national litigation with colleagues in other countries. rospatt osten pross traditionally represents its clients throughout all instances (including, in the future, the central division of the UPC in Paris, Munich and London, as well as the court of appeal of the UPC in Luxembourg), except in the rare cases where legal boundaries require separate counsel.

The firm handles more than 100 patent litigation cases each year in Germany alone.

Due to the high number of cases that ROP handles, the lawyers know the judges that decide patent infringement cases as well as validity cases. ROP also know the “hot topics” and their possible solutions. The knowledge and experience is spread among all members of the firm because ROP still has a manageable size which allows for the exchange. ROP’s clients value the efficient and focussed work.

International and national companies entrust ROP with their prestige litigation cases just as well as with the day-to-day contingency patent work.

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  • JUVE Awards 2015 - Firm of the Year in Patent Law

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rospatt osten pross

rospatt osten pross
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