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About Sören Dahm

Regardless of the fact that Sören Dahm has only been working as a lawyer since 2012, he has already been involved in hundreds of IP Iinfringement proceedings (i.e.patent, trademark, design and unfair competition law infringements). Sören Dahm is partner at Kather Augenstein since mid 2018, he specializes in patent infringement litigation. He advices and represents national and international clients before national courts of all instances. In addition, he has also accomanied and coordinated cross-border series of lawsuits with various national teams. In addition of patent law, Sören Dahm has practical experience from his work in numerous tecnical fields, especially in telecommunications, mechanical engineering, automotive, chemistry and medical technology. Sören Dahm also represents clients in trademark, design and competition law, especially infringement proceedings.

Since his appointment as partner, Sören Dahm has gradually established in the field of IP litigation in Germany.

IAM Patent 1000 rated Sören Dahm as a “Recommended Individual” in its 2021 rankings.

Sören Dahm speaks German and English.

Further Information: https://www.katheraugenstein.com/en/about-us/soeren-dahm/

Image of Sören Dahm

Sören Dahm


Bahnstr. 16
40212 Düsseldorf


5 Specialisms

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Medical Devices


  • Is the famously stringent German Patent Act about to be softened?, Intellectual Property Forum – IPSANZ, Issue 120 [EN] (together with Christopher Weber)
  • German Federal Court of Justice increases the requirements for FRAND-objection, Report on the Federal Court of Justice’s decision in Sisvel v Haier, Intellectual Property Forum – IPSANZ, Issue 121 [EN] (together with Christopher Weber)
  • Change in Jurisdiction on Territoriality? Regional Court of Dusseldorf on Patent Infringement if the steps of a Patented Method are not all done in a Single Country but in Multiple Countries, OLG Düsseldorf, decision dated 28.07.2020, 4a O 53/19, Intellectual Property Forum – IPSANZ, Issue 122 [EN] (together with Christopher Weber)
  • German Federal Court of Justice clarifies requirements for the protectability of shape marks – Federal Court of Justice, decision dated 23 July 2020, I ZB 42/19 – Intellectual Property Forum – IPSANZ, Issue 124 [EN] (together with Christopher Weber)
  • Update Germany 2021 – What’s New in German Intellectual Property Law? Intellectual Property Forum – IPSANZ, Issue 123 [EN] (together with Christopher Weber), page 87


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